28th - 29th June 2003

Myths and Reality of Swordfighting iq options

Cut and Thrust, The Schoole of Defence 
are proud to host this event in association with
HEMAC (Historical European Martial Arts Coalition) and
BFHS (British Federation of Historical Swordplay)

Learn about the skills and techniques of sword-fighting, dispelling the
myths of the medieval knight and musketeer.

From noon, Public displays on the hour and ongoing training sessions by the

There is a growing awareness throughout the UK and Europe that we have a
martial heritage equal to any from around the world. This event brings
together many groups who study original swordfighting manuals from the
13th to the 18th centuries. These groups will be training and iqoptions demonstrating
the techniques and skills used with the sword as it developed throughout the ages.

>We have the following original fencing manuals available in PDF and bitmap form. 
These are complete and unabridged facsimiles of the original manuals.

(I believe it is essential to read the whole manual since only then can you fully appreciate what the author had in mind, and understand the thoughts and ideas behind the basic techniques as well as the mindset of the time.  For example, Swetnam has a lot to say about drunkenness and the dishonour of murder - not to mention lewd women, but that is another story...)

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